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Židovský svícen - MENORA - keramický - zlatý
Židovský svícen - MENORA - keramický - stříbro
Velmi vkusné šábesové svícny - mosaz
Velké starožitné šábesové svícny - přelom 19. a 20. století
Šábesové svícny vysoké- mosaz
Šábesové svícny VRTULE
Šábesové svícny VRTULE
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Šábesové svícny stříbrné 925/1000 - 25 cm vysoké, filigrán
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Šábesové svícny staré postříbřené
Šábesové svícny MISTIČKA
Šábesové svícny MISTIČKA
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chámec na pesach
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A hand - made candle of bees wax.. The feather is to clean the chametz leftovers..Chametz is a product that is both made from one of five types of grain and has been...

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Lovely wooden Hanukkah DREIDEL
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This dreidel will make your Hanukkah perfect! 

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havdalové židovské svíčky na svícny

Advantageous  Havdal set!  Candle and fragrant spices.

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Hanukkah Candles 44 pcs - Made by JEWISHOP Czech Republic

Hanukkah candles in a Jewish box - 44 pieces! The candles don`t flow down and burn for about 45 minutes. Colorful candle combinations: red, orange, yellow - everything in one...

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Small candlestick with Star of David

A beautiful small candlestick with Star of David  and Swarowski components

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Swarovski - Menorah


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Swarovski - Minihanukkah with crystals

Minihanukkah with Swarovski crystals.

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Shabat Shalom svícny  - hand made in CR

A pair of shabbat candlesticks made of pottery decorated with grapes and  Shabbat Shalom inscriptions.

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Golem candlestick

Size: 150 * 100 mm

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A small charming Shabbat candlestick for a 3 member family. Made of tin. 15 cm height. Suitable for Yom  Kippur celebration.

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Three - branched candlestick for any occasion - Shabbat, Yom Tov, Yom Kippur
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Krásný šábesový svícen pro 3 člennou rodinku))

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Postříbřené šábesové svícny párové

Krásné a roztomilé malé párové svícny na šábes!

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Šábesové párové svícny zvané VRTULE Vás vynesou do nebes))
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Krásné párové mosazné svícny!

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Seven-armed candelabrum Menorah. Height: 24 cm Span: 18 cm  

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Small pair Shabbat candlesticks
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Old brass pair candlesticks for Shabbat!

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Šábesové svícny - cena za pár

Staré mosazné párové svícny

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Gorgeous brass Menorah, 15 cm high.

Code: 184134
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A Jewish candelabrum refers both to a menorah and a hanukiah. They are a seven-branched candelabrum of the Temple in Jerusalem and a nine-branched candelabrum of the Hannukah festival, respectively. Each of them has its specific use, but their history is intertwined.


Menorah (מנורה‎) was a seven-branched candelabrum of the Temple in Jerusalem. Its appearence is mentioned in the Torah, specifically in the Shemot (Exodus), which describes its construction. According to Jewish symbolism, the menorah is portrayed as the burning bush that Moses saw on Mount Horeb. The seven branches of menorah is believed to be a reference to the seven days of creation. The original golden menorah was used in the Tabernacle and later in the Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. It was lost after the destruction of the Solomon's Temple and following the construction of the Second Temple was made the new one. The new menorah was however stolen by Romans after they destroyed the Second Temple in 70 CE. Menorah is a traditional symbol of Judaism and since 1948 it has been a part of Israel's coat of arm.


Hanukiah (חנוכייה), also known as the Hannukah menorah, is a special nine-branched candelabrum used during the festival of Hannukah. Its history is a reference to the Temple's menorah miracle. After the successful Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire there was an urgent need to re-consencrate the Temple in Jerusalem by burning of the Temple's menorah. For this purpose was needed pure olive oil, but Maccabeans found only enough oil to burn for one day, but miraculously it burned for eight days, until they managed fo prepare new one. This miracle is celebrated by lighting candles on Hannukah candelabrum known as Hanukiah.


There are different types of Hanukiyot, though they have one thing in common. They are made of eight branch candle holders and one extra branch for an auxiliary candle called the shamash (literally 'attendant'), which is used to kindle the other candles. Lighting candles of Hanukiah is one of the main traditions of Hannukah. There is a prescribed way how to light up these candles. On the first night of Hanukkah light up one candle and continue in the same way the other nights in order to have eight candles on the eighth night. The custom is to light up the candles from right to left.