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happy hanukkah

Do not sms!  Sending a card is very much IN!

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chanuka pohled chanukie
Chanukah card

Remember your family and friend! They will be very glad to get a Chanukah card from you! Size: 16 x 16 cm.

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Samolepka - vlajka Izrael
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Samolepka izraelské státní vlajky v rozměru 6x4 cm.

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Small metal dreidel

This small dreidel is the perfect gift for Hanukah!

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France - PEACE
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"Words are the source of misunderstandings.” ―Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince 

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Placka Purim - hand made

Veselá placka Purim.

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Samolepka - vlajka Izrael

Samolepka izraelské státní vlajky v rozměru cca A6.

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Chamsa - náramek na ruku červený Code: 36198
Vinný hrozen
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Vinný hrozen - symbolizuje království Boha, Izrael a dvanáct kmenů, zejména kmeny Judy a Josefa, které představují dvě formy židovské vlády: v exilu a v zemi izraelské.V...

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Davidovy hvězdy - kov a barva (Hvězda barva Růžová) Code: 36328/RUZ
Puzzle - Israel (Puzzle 110x165 mm   24 ks)
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Puzzle - Israel
5 business days

Puzzle pro Vás a Vaše děti :)

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chámec na pesach
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€5,40 –18 %

A hand - made candle of bees wax.. The feather is to clean the chametz leftovers..Chametz is a product that is both made from one of five types of grain and has been...

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566 A Lezaty
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Magnet Praha Franze Kafky

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528 lezaty
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Magnet Praha Staronová synagoga

Code: 78/XXX20
565 A lezaty
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Magnet Praha Starý židovský hřbitov

Code: 78/XXX19
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Jewish souvenirs include a broad range of subjects that are related to Jewish religion (Judaism), arts and culture. Apart from a Jewish clothing, there are for example a Jewish religious items, including the following:


Mezuzah (מזוזה‎‎), literally 'doorpost', is a small case, placed on a doorframe, which contains a parchment scroll with verses from the Torah (part of Shema Yisrael blessing). Mezuzah's case is often decorated with ornaments and can be made of various materials. Mezuzah is typical of Jewish homes and stores and is one of the 613 mitzvot. There is a custom among religious Jews to touch Mezuzah and kiss the fingers that were used, when passing around it. Parchment scroll should be checked for defects every seven years.


Shofar (שופר) is an unadorned animal horn used as a Jewish religious instrument on a ceremonial occasions. It is made from the horn of a ram (it is necessary to use a ram's horn during the festival of Rosh Hashana) and other kosher animals like goats, antelopes or gazelles (except for a cow's or calf's ram). According to the Torah a sound of Shofar was heard for the first time during G-d's revelation at Mount Sinai. Shofar is traditionally used during the festival of Rosh Hashanah, when is blown after each morning service. The sound of Shofar also announces the end of fasting on Yom Kippur and the inauguration of President of Israel. There is a prescribed way how to blow Shofar over particular Jewish festivals, which must be followed.


Israeli souvenirs are a specific type of Jewish souvenirs, that are related to the modern State of Israel. One of them is e.g. Israeli flag (דגל ישראל, Degel Yisrael), the national flag of Israel. It consists of a white background with two horizontal blue stripes, located at the upper and lower parts of the flag, and a blue Star of David. Blue and white are the colours of Judaism and the flag itself symbolizes Tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl. Star of David, or Shield of David (Magen David) is a six-pointed star (hexagram) and a symbol of Judaism. The flag itself is based on the Zionist flag, adopted by the First Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897.